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The events that have taken place over the past two years have many other so-called artists and bands continuing to struggle with the ability to tour and make it at all in this industry. The lack of innovation, talent and aesthetic has driven the genre and careers into an unrecoverable ditch. Some actually resorting to digitally begging to cover bills.  Graves was forecasted to be

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Graves Cancels Performance at Whiskey A Go-Go

I have made the decision to NOT perform on OCT 13th in Los Angeles, CA at The Whiskey A Go-Go due to the City’s vaccine mandate that is being enforced as of OCT 7th.  I will not perform to a segregated audience.  I will not participate in any effort to pressure anyone into undergoing an experimental medical procedure to enter and dwell in a building

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A message from Michale and team (8-23-2021)

Booked venues are being contacted directly by a small number of individuals sharing  libelous screen grabs that are allegedly from Michale’s social media. They’re fake. These are from a fake account no one associated with Michale owns, has never owned, and we have no control over. It has been reported to the platform. This campaign is an ongoing effort to intimidate venues into canceling Michale’s

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Michale live in your living room!

You can now have legendary rock singer Michale Graves perform exclusively at your event! The iconic vocalist from the Misfits is now open to a limited number of private bookings at your personalized special event or local venue. This temporary unprecedented offer will let you be part of rock history with 4 limited package deals to choose from. Please read the offers below and contact

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[Gateway Pundit] Former Misfits Singer Michale Graves is Bringing Political Discussions and Music Together With Patriotic Podcast — and It’s a Must Listen

From The Gateway Pundit – May 11, 2021: His show, Radio Deadly with Michale Graves, is described as “an unconventional talk show that fuses patriotic politics with punk rock set in a format that calls back to the classic days of talk/music radio.” Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Graves said that he is trying to create a variety show, bringing together culture and intellectual discussions about

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