Punk Rock Hates America?
November 10, 2016

MTV Hates White People

According to an MTV profile young adults 12-34 name MTV as the most recognized network. MTV is the best way to connect with 12-34’s who are 91 million strong and growing, and represent 33% of the U.S. population. They look to MTV to find out about their world in their language, from their point of view; MTV’s median age is exactly when a majority of young American adults begin to form life-long brand loyalties. Young adults 15-17 are excited consumers and extremely impressionable. Now is the time to influence their choices. 12-34 year olds have higher brand recall and more recognition than 35-49 year olds.

So why is MTV allowing its Senior Political Correspondent, Jamil Smith to write such incendiary racist articles and propagate lies to “extremely impressionable” young people ?

Jamil Smith has no accountability apparently and is free to continue to program the minds of the young fascists in this country with his half-truths and blatant racism.  He is a white hating, cog in a machine that will eat him, too.

I take great offense to Mr. Smiths latest article called “Empathy For The Devil” .   In that article Jamil says he finds it hard to act like a Christian when he wakes up finds out “our churches are burned.” He is talking about  the recent fire that someone started at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi, whose congregation was predominantly black .  Someone also spray painted “Vote Trump” on the side of the building.  The suspected arson is being investigated as a hate crime by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The two incidents have not yet been linked.

Trump’s campaign denounced the fire that left the 200-member church badly damaged saying,  “We are deeply saddened for the members of the Hopewell M.B. Church community and condemn in the strongest terms this terrible act that has no place in our society,” the campaign said in a statement. “We are grateful that no one was hurt and we urge witnesses with any information to come forward and help bring justice to those who are responsible.”

Gov. Phil Bryant, a Republican who has been campaigning for Trump, said “anyone who burns a place of worship will answer to almighty God for this crime against people of faith. But they should also answer to man’s law.”

Jamil Smiths entire article once again concocts the falsehood that people who support Trump are white supremacists.

“Too many times, we’re asked to understand those who have opposed or even terrorized us, while expecting no such consideration in return. We’ve reached that moment in our presidential race, with people who look like me expected to have compassion for an electorate that plans to vote for white supremacy on Election Day.”

Smith contends that this fire “…is the latest in a string of violent acts during this election year; we’ve seen everything from assaults to arson, all either connected to or inspired by the Republican nominee for President of the United States.” What Jamil doesn’t let his readers know, amongst other things,  is that there has been far more violence from Clinton supportersagainst Trump supporters as well as evidence that the Clinton campaign was involved in coordinating and encouraging violent and disruptive behavior against detractors.

Jamil Smith and his MTV cohorts are feeding the giant myth that includes what he calls “ African-American survival” and does what all good progs do and equate this false narrative at present with the awful atrocities of the past that were supported and encouraged by his beloved political party.

The current race situation regarding blacks and whites is not at all, whatsoever, anywhere near what it was during earlier times of this nation. To support and encourage the belief that it is reaches the highest level of irresponsibility. To make it seem as if the Ku Klux Klan represents the belief of anyone else but that small abhorrent few that make up that organization is shameful.

Smiths article supports an argument that says that white people in America feel that there way of life is being threatened or under siege by the black man and that the only way to save ourselves is to elect Trump.  He says that “there’s no mystery why a base made up of poor, uneducated white Americans would support a candidate who questions the legitimacy of President Obama “. He contends that Trump and its supporters are advancing the goals of white nationalism, primarily the subjugation of other races through institutional policies and regressive cultural norms.  He likens Trump and the supporters of the movement he leads to Nazis.

Jamil Smith is a liar and a detestable racist himself. He should be fired from MTV along with all of his fellow fake journalist comrades. They continue to without any pushback or challenge from anywhere in the music or entertainment industry contribute to a false narrative that’s intended to provoke violence and civil war in this nation.  They are brainwashing the young minds of this country and indoctrinating them into a Luciferian world of fake culture, misogyny, violence, emptiness and death.  They are programming the young facists of this nation and winding them up with there lies and deceit. They themselves are creating the army of brown shirts and are raising their rhetoric of hate, fear and violence.