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November 15, 2016
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September 12, 2017

On The Brink Of A Disaster

America is on the brink of a disaster as the engineered Civil War escalates.  It is being stoked on by ‘the media’ and championed by pop culture.  Many pop culture outlets are weapons to use against  young people to continue the ongoing indoctrination and aggravation to foster and usher in a street battle.  For those who are paying attention we recognize this play because we have seen it run before in places like UkraineLibya and Egypt.

Who is working on bridging this gap between us ?  Where are the voices being broadcast that will speak confidence and assurance into the ears of all those who are scared, confused and angry right now. Some of those people are actually too far gone and have totally succumbed to their mental illness. The cult mind has taken them and the demonic forces that animate their souls are dug in. This is a spiritual battle, too.

Many  thought leaders who are part of this cult are  journalistsmusicians, entertainers, politicians etc. and they are doing a great deal of harm. These people justify the violence and hate gripping the nation and quite frankly incite it.  So called journalists play to emotions and offer no information other then what will legitimize the ongoing illusion that they are in danger and need to revolt. These people are openly calling for insurrection. They and the companies, affiliates and ideologies they serve are whipping people up into a frenzy and are serving the god of chaos,  lies, hate and confusion and not one of tolerance, compassion, strength and love.

What the neo-fascists and all there sub-orders running around  seem to not understand is that we are being set up along this course to fight with each other openly, aggressively and willingly. The plan is for massive widespread violence and chaos in order for the “loving” globalists and there brigades of pansies to overthrow this nation, its sovereignty, wealth and promise of liberty, Independence and example.

But people like me and perhaps you won’t let that happen.  Myself and the millions who stand with and behind us are awake and alive. We understand the danger that we are facing from the neo-Jacobin zombie hoards.  I am joining in the chorus of both alarm and warning as we creep closer and closer to confrontation. I am sounding the alarm to all whom I reach that are taking to the streets or spreading black propaganda to deescalate immediately. Stop attacking women at your marches, stop calling us white supremacists, stop calling us Nazis, stop your lies and deceit, immediately denounce and stop the agitation and violence, all of it before someone gets killed.  A casualty seems to be the next step in all of this. Already people are getting hurt bad. Patriots, Liberterians, Conservatives, good hearted hardworking folks like myself who are supporters of Donald Trump and love this country are NOT engaging in violent behavior and do NOT want to see violence anywhere at any time.  However, The’ Love Trumps Hate’ movements actions are contrary to there message. How Luceferian.

If you are one of the neo-Jacobin, Liberal Lenisit,  socialist, Maoist cult member types this next part is for you. I am adding my voice to the warning going out to folks who are part of this “Revolution”.  I am warning you that you are picking a fight with millions of well armed folks who are coordinated and will mobilize at a moments notice to continue defend this Republic.  We have our forefathers’ DNA buzzing in us and we will never be your slaves in any way shape or form. You have seen our gains, we have taken back the country and are dismantling the globalist order and its institutions and instruments. This did not happen overnight. I am warning you that this arm of the electorate has yet to push back on a street level to the agitation and violence we are seeing.  I am warning you that you will be rolled over and many of you will get hurt, many of you will be killed when it gets to that point of confrontation.

We need to have dialogue and opportunites to come together civilly and debate our ideas, issues and grievances right now !  We need to heal the rifts and build our relationships with truth and information and action. Outlets like MTV, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ALL of the networks both broadcast and print need to offer platforms that encourage and nurture debate and problem solving opportunities for young thought leaders, especially.   All of the sub outlets, too and throughout pop culture I pray will stop the slow drip of poison being fed into the minds of too many impressionable people. Stop rejecting people like me and seeking out and facilitating our demise personally, professionally and spiritually.

Let none of us forget the unquenchable thirst of the guillotine once it gets a taste of it.  It might start with “people like me” but throughout history never fails to eventually turn its hunger to “people like them”…and then to people like you.