MTV Hates White People
November 10, 2016
2007 Interview With “Noisy Neighbor Magazine” from Germany
November 15, 2016

Punk Rock Hates America?

The counter culture of the 1960’s has infused itself within the system and has spawned a new generation of young activists and revolutionary minded leaders with a new sense of fury. They are entrenched in their idealistic views and relativist thinking. They are the blame America first groups. Whatever has happened to us we have done worse. They are the present day counterculture born of the Beat culture and hippie movements of the past, whose ideology has insinuated itself, disastrously, into the curriculum of our schools and colleges; it has significantly altered the texture of sexual relations and family life; it has played havoc with the authority of churches and other places of moral wisdom; it has undermined the claims of civic virtue and our national self understanding; it has degraded the media, the entertainment industry and popular culture. It has even most distressingly confused our hearts and innermost assumptions about what counts as the good life. It has perverted our dreams as much as it has prevented us from attaining them.

Groups like, founded by Mike Burkett AKA Fat Mike of the group NOFX, are the spearhead of young liberal-minded activist organizations backed by and aligned with big money corporations and groups like and the Democratic Party, PETA and the NARAL, among others.’s strategy mirrors that of billionaire George Soros’ America Coming Together Group. Their perspective of America seems to be in line with the same mindset that was developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s and is the same cultural and psychological critique that was espoused by this movement. Their so called Punk Rock attitude seems more to me like a hippie nursery with defiant and militant overtones seeking revolution.

Their rejection of contemporary culture and its institutions have emerged in pop culture as fashionable and cool. The torrent of rhetoric is anti-American and is once again abundant throughout mainstream rock music and popular entertainment, wherever you find it. These people seem to strive for a life of self-determination, free of the burdens of traditions and customs, free of the burdens set forth by institutional laws and the conditions of authority that operate within those institutions. They seem to strive for a never ending childhood, even as adults. An absolute freedom where youth is the fashion and an adolescent lifestyle sets the pace for a whole society that seems to worship juvenile values, fame, abundance and hedonism. The product of this movement will weaken this country’s ability to secure itself domestically. Some will help our enemies attack us.

There is an entire generation of children being indoctrinated with the belief that this country is evil. An entire generation being brought up on the views and twisted opinions of Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore. An entire culture void of the knowledge of the greatness and sacrifice of this nation and the greatness and sacrifice our military has made for all of us and all free people of the world is a dangerous one. All places where freedom and liberty prosper on this planet, American blood has been spilled to bring it.