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Gotham Road – T-Shirt Presale!
June 24, 2018
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July 8, 2018

VIP Packages Available

VIP Packages

Those of you who have been seeing us perform know that we always meet our fans at the merch table after the set. We’ve always done that for free because I feel it’s important for us to share the moments when we’re all united and bonded through music. We will not stop doing that after our set and that will continue to be free.

However, after our sets, everyone is usually being rushed out of the venue by security. We don’t really get a lot of time. It’s more like a 30-40 second pop in and you’re out, if that. If you were patiently waiting near the end of the line we barely get any time at all. 

We’re now offering a more intimate experience before the show. This way we can actually hold a conversation and we can talk about how music changed our lives or anything else. No one will be rushing you out the door.

We’ll have an exclusive merch item plus another poster or print of your choice. You will be able to watch us soundcheck. If that’s not possible then Michale will sit down and play a song or 2 on the acoustic for you. You will have access to the whole band. A chance for a photo op and we will sign everything you bring.

Vip tickets will be limited to 15 per show. I want to keep the number low so we get to keep an intimate experience. If you are interested or need more information, please visit: 

We’d like to thank our VIP partner for making this possible!