Touring the country as a performing musician for almost thirty years has been a bumpy path with mountainous highs and the lowest of lows.  Anything grand that we chase after in life and have passion for in doing usually yields the same results. As we pursue what we do the challenges that weather us provide us with the opportunity to decide if we rise, fall or remain static.  This last acoustic tour I did in the fall  called the “Things To Come Tour” challenged me in ways that once again made me consider my direction.  My will was tested in ways that were too uncomfortable to even mention right now.  As I sat in a hotel room in Ohio early on in the tour I thought about giving it all up.

My spirit was broken and I felt like I was in the dark.  I reached out to a friend who helped me gain an understanding of what I should be focused on instead of the pity party I was having. I wrestled with the scripture he recommended for me to read for a while. If you are wondering it was Peter 1:6-9. And then I eventually took a deep breath and got on with things.

The tour went on to be an amazing success despite even more pitfalls and troubles that were to come. All my friends, fans and supporters from across this nation gathered together night after night and shared stories, music, art and performance with one another. We celebrated our creativity, passion, perspectives and our humanity despite our differences in every instance and at every show. It was an honor to be a part of it all and amongst all of you. Thank you so very much once again.

Lots of new projects to tell you about including new music, videos and so much more. I will be shooting a video near Pittsburg, PA in the coming weeks for my new song called “Romero for Resident”.  I wrote the song for a brand-new documentary to be released called Resident Romero.  Also working on new music releases that include a new version of Boxcar Headed East and a bunch of covers I have been working on getting together.  Most of the releases coming out in the new year will be accompanied by videos. I am almost finished with a short film that will be released with “American Prayer”.  

The return of “The Michale Graves Show “and  “The Radio Deadly Show” is imminent and will return to broadcast on Tuesday, December 5th, 2023. 

TMGS and Radio Deadly are broadcast on X, YouTube, Rumble and Linkedin.

I have also joined up with Blessed News Network and will launch a new show called “Monsters Ministry” exclusive to that channel. I can also be seen live on that network every Monday, Wednesday and Friday hosting “ The Gateway Pundit Recap”.  


Michale Graves will perform an acoustic set
live online from the hallway of his farmhouse!

On Saturday January 27, 2024 at 3:00pm EST

You will receive a video of Graves’ performance upon completion of the show.

There are a limited number of spaces for this event.