Michale Graves Declares The Beginning of the End 80+ City American Tour

Michale Graves’ Beginning Of The End’ Tour reaches 80+ American Cities. The tour marches across the country revealing a post-apocalyptic nightmare presented to the audience in sound, emotion, experience and information. The hallmark of a Graves’ performance is the intensity and this go around promises not to disappoint. The setlist weaves a story of monsters, aliens, epic battles, heroes, villains, life and death. Blending old school favorite Misfits, Gotham rd. and solo material we are brought through a story that reflects a world we currently see and a world we are trying to prevent.

Through his newly launched web site called LibertyMonster.com you’ll find music, information, opinion, lifestyle and culture. “A deplorable website for deplorable people.

This effort continues Graves’ activism fighting the culture war alongside other media and entertainment pioneers who are on the cutting edge of the industry. Some of Michales comrades include Infowars, Gray State, Joe Biggs, Truth Stream Radio, The Andrew Wilkow Show, The Flow with Kurt Wallace, Milo Yiannopoulos, Zak

Carter, Ben Swan, Tyrel Ventura and others. Expanding on the experience fans have from the live show they will have the opportunity to tune into ‘The Michale Graves Show’ that consists of both audio podcast and episodic videos. Here fans will get unique and innovative access into Michales life both on and off the road. They will be privy to conversation and debate that they will have the opportunity to take part of. They will hear stories and monologue focusing around a twenty year long career of art, entertainment, music and mission.

Michale kicked in the door of the music scene in 1995 as the lead singer and songwriter of one of the most legendary punk rock bands of all time, The Misfits. Third of 3 videos produced, his song “Scream” was directed by George A. Romero, the same man who directed “Night of The Living Dead”. Michale appeared in Romero’s film “Bruiser” performing “Fiend Without a Face” which was also penned by Graves specifically for Romero’s film.

Michale continued to tour as usual aside of the days that he spent appearing and wrestling on Ted Turners’ WCWs‘ Monday Nitro, Thursday Thunder and a pair of pay-per-views alongside his good friend Vampiro.

As his consciousness of his world around him expanded so did his need to become involved. In early 2000 Michale collaborated with Don Oriolo Jr. and wrote and recorded with him a song called “No More Moments” for his film “Campfire Stories” which starred David Johansen.

In 2001 Michale left The Misfits and struck out on his own. He independently released a solo record entitled ‘Graves’ Web of Dharma supported by two American Tours.

In 2003, Michale embarked on a new project he called ‘Gotham Rd’. The band played hundreds of raucous dates on the U.S. Club circuit. And then in 2004 Michale helped found a website called Conservativepunk.com and was essentially blacklisted when he challenged the mindset of the progressive left in the punk rock music industry.

While entertainment is at the heart of who he is as a performer, Graves is also a social and pop-culture media thought leader who has hosted as well as appeared on and in numerous broadcast and print properties including The Andrew Wilkow Show, The Sean Hannity Show, Adam Vs The Man, The Howard Stern Show, Truth Frequency Radio, Where Monsters Dwell, The Guardian, The New York Times and Rolling Stone Magazine. Michale briefly appeared as a regular guest host on a TV show on FUSE TV but was asked not to return after negatively commenting on a news clip of Ellen DeGeneres kissing her wife.

In January of 2006 Michale announced a 55-city tour to promote previous Arkansas death row inmate Damien Echols book called, “Almost Home”.

2006 also saw the release of Michale’s sophomore solo album. Upon completion of that associated tour Michale created a short film entitled “The Blackness and The Forest” that told the story of his “Almost Home Campaign” and the advocacy work he did for The West Memphis Three. Partnering with SOS Records in 2007, Michale released “Illusions” featuring 5 songs he wrote along with Damien Echols who is now a free man. A national acoustic tour soon followed to rave reviews.

Expanding upon his acting career, Michale appeared in the feature film “Perkins 14” as “Eric Ross” directed by Craig Singer as part of Horrorfests “8 Films To Die For”. Michale also recorded new songs and a video written and inspired by his filming experience on location in Romania including a collaboration with one of the film’s stars Patrick O’Kane. Those songs along with live tracks from the acoustic Illusions tour were released in October 2008. Graves and Singer would later collaborate again and create a music video for a unique version of the song ‘No Rain’.

After heading home from Romania Michale teamed up with Marky Ramone of ‘The Ramones’ and played together in a band called ‘Blitzkrieg’. They toured the world playing all the best classic songs that led up to the induction of “The Ramones” into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. The lineup also garnered a spot at Rock In Rio. Michale penned 2 singles for the project “When We Were Angels” and “If and When“. An animated video was produced for ‘Angels” and all proceeds from “Angels” benefits The Wounded Warrior Fund.

In 2012 another massive US Tour was launched dubbed “War Of Information”. This tour was aligned with the massive Liberty and Freedom movement that began sweeping the US. as part of the Ron Paul Revolution.

Michale continued to challenge himself and expand his creative energies embarking on a year stint in Little Rock, Arkansas acting as Senior Producer and Program Manager with Arkansas’ first 24/7 internet television station AR1.TV as well as hosting his own show dubbed “The Michale Graves Show”. Widely known for his outspokenness and co-founder of conservativepunk.com The ‘Michale

Graves Show’ blended pop culture, political discussion and music into one stream of consciousness. The shows genesis began with his ground-breaking radio program called “Radio Deadly” launched in 2006.

In 2012 Michale joined forces with Mark Allen Stuart and was named President & Managing Director of the Music Group of Hydraulic Entertainment. Over 20 album releases have occurred since that time. Videos, music and Russian collaboration have built an enormous catalogue of sound and site.

For nearly 2 decades Michale Graves has been entertaining, influencing and informing a growing audience world-wide. Driven by the pursuit of quality and harmony in everything that he is involved in, Michale has traveled the world – every continent except Antarctica – and has looked into the eyes and hearts of tens of thousands. His journey as an artist has ignited a passion, a passion that motivates his desire to reach out, create a dialogue and build a platform to discuss and interact on pop culture, people, government and the world around us.


Michale Graves will perform an acoustic set
live online from the hallway of his farmhouse!

On Saturday January 27, 2024 at 3:00pm EST

You will receive a video of Graves’ performance upon completion of the show.

There are a limited number of spaces for this event.