August 19, 2020
Michale Graves Rocks a Truly Intimate Evening in Cocoa, Florida [Show Review]
October 20, 2020

Report From FEMA Region 5

I am moving farther into the second leg of this epic journey called The Ameripalooza Tour.  Here is my report. Allow me to remove my mask.

It seems like just yesterday that this whole idea solidified and launched.  On August 25th I went on The War Room with Owen Shroyer and launched Operation Gather to start piecing together a nationwide tour called Ameripalooza. The supernatural forces that were awakened and unleashed after that appearance is too much to get into in this report right now. Continuing.

Because of the Science Fiction movie level backlash against me during The Lockdown I was forced to think out of the box on how to get back out on the road quickly, safely and effectively. Halloween was coming soon.

Venues that were booked or wanted to participate backed out due to the threats we all began receiving from a militant zombie mob. I was non personed, attacked and demonized.  Cancel culture once again came knocking. Only this time they were loaded for bear. The brainless zombies hunted for me and eventually chewed the wires of my internet or something. All of my social media sites were abrubtly taken offline. The obey and be cool media wrote articles about me without even reaching out to me for comment. 

The Pandemic and the vicious online, illusory world (that I had been ejected from) that so many exist and live in really began to take it’s toll on my band members who quickly succumbed to that world and the mob and quit Michale Graves. Like the Excorcist movie when Regan began growling nonsense my former band mates did much the same only they said nothing but posted everything.  Mumbling total nonsense they all walked away into the abyss of the horror movie that was quickly escalating.

That’s alright though. I wasn’t scared one bit.  There would be plenty of time to find non compromised humans to perform in a band with. I have a not so secret weapon. I play acoustic guitar and sing like no-one else out there can. I don’t need microphones or wires or anything. I can play like nobody’s buisness. Just my voice and any acoustic guitar you hand me. 

I also knew that there was a silent majority hunkered down and staying quiet as to keep the monsters from finding them or their kids.  I had been told through secret dispatches they had been watching things from afar and ready to render aid and comfort.

Quickly things began to come together and Arturo, Kristopher and I, the last three alive began confirming performances in private safe zones. Measures were taken to confuse and throw off the zombie mob.

We are three weeks into The Ameripalooza Tour and I can report that things couldn’t be better.

I will be breaking major Michale Graves news this Friday. It involves Friday the 13th and Rob Zombie in case you wanted a hint.

Stay safe. Zombies everywhere.