2020 US Acoustic Dates Announced.
February 12, 2020
TLRTY Update 3-14-20
March 14, 2020

TLRTY Tour Update 3.10.20

Like everyone else I am concerned about the escalating situation regarding COVID-19. I am updated every hour or so about the situation and understand the fluidity of the escalating crisis we are experiencing. I have children and family back home in NY and NJ where the situation is rapidly progressing into worrisome territory. I am of the opinion that the MSM is not doing anything to calm the growing hysteria.

At this point there are NO cancellations that I have been made aware of. That could change at any moment and if it does I will update everyone asap.

Cancellations for me would be very bad. Like so many others there are other people who rely on me for work and income. This is the only job I have to provide for my family and not being able to tour would be catastrophic. My anxiety like yours regarding economic repercussions of forced cancellations or closures of things grows with each passing day.

I am also contemplation the ramifications of what happens if I myself become ill.

For now we continue on. Loki, Arturo and I will continue this tour until we can’t. For now, though….we go on.