TLRTY Update 3-14-20


This week we have seen The World Health Organization declare a worldwide pandemic caused by the novel Wuhan coronavirus. Shortly after that the US declared a state of emergency. A wave of schools, business, entertainment , tours, sporting events, conferences, parades and normal human activities across the board shut doors, sent people home and cancelled plans and events. Many industries and individuals are bracing to be hammered by the fallout.

Europe, especially Italy is in full blown crisis mode. All signs point to more of Europe including the UK and Germany by next week to be further engulfed in this disease and its ramifications. Many will and have already lost there lives. The world is in crisis.

There is a lot to take in. It feels quite overwhelming at times to have to ponder and calculate the day to day here on the road while making preparations to actually get home while family are at home right now in the middle of what is becoming a “hot spot”. It’s difficult to be away from the children especially right now. All of my Fatherly instincts urge me to get to my children to protect and be with them right now.

I do feel well and healthy as of this writing. Loki and Arturo feel good, too. I spent a good portion of last night monitoring my temperature after i got a chill that I couldn’t shake. The whole episode sent me into full blown assessment mode. Nerves are raw to say the least.

My performances that were scheduled in Washington State have been postponed/cancelled for all of the reasons you would suspect at this point. Its probably safe to assume that all of the west coast dates will be cancelled. There is just to much risk involved on several levels of operation that will cause that to be. Some of those factors increase in severity with each passing day. At some point even if we wanted to go home I might not be able to get there for awhile. The lockdown is increasing in scope and severity. Time is of the essence right now as I am working against a window of time and opportunity that is rapidly closing.

My plan for the short term is to make it up to Alabama and Georgia and then down into Florida next week. After that it will probably be time to bug out north and lay low for awhile. However, this is a fluid situation that is rapidly developing and so my calculus will change as the situation does.


Michale Graves will perform an acoustic set
live online from the hallway of his farmhouse!

On Saturday January 27, 2024 at 3:00pm EST

You will receive a video of Graves’ performance upon completion of the show.

There are a limited number of spaces for this event.